The Ropers

Monday, October 4, 2010

There are some families that have been with me from the beginning and I mean beginning. This family came to my house about 8 years ago when I was first starting out and had me do their pictures. This was at the time when I was using my strobes indoor and Jake had tape on the ground in our living room marking off where to set up my lights/tripod because at that time I was still learning how it all works. Wow....that was so long ago
Now....Meet the Ropers again....they are some of my favorite clientsthey were one of my first "paying" customers. I love it because Nat gets just as excited about her pictures as I do. They are one of the easiest families and they are just naturals in front of the camera. If you know Nat and Ryan...they are such a cute couple. After how many years of Marriage and yep, they still got it goin' on. Loved this session, kind of wished we had another 2 hours, I could have gone all night!!!!

Nat.. this is for you girl~ Come back later I will put some more on, I ran out of time and my computer is of course acting up when I need it most ;) I'll get some more on tonight...