Monday, November 30, 2009

Meet Miss Emi.....oh how I love this picture! More to come Carrie....

Fun Fun Fun

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I've had some fun fun locations and families these past few weeks and like I said I am behind in posting here. I've decided that instead of taking an hour to post on the blog after each shoot I would use that time to get everyone their pictures in time for Christmas Cards if wanted. SO yes, I'm behind, yes it was a busy busy fall and YES I've had so much fun and thanks to all of you that supported Steph & I in our first season together. This has been such a fun photog year together. I'm not sure how I ever did this in the past without her :)
If You don't see your photos on here....you will....soon, or maybe not so soon but before Christmas. ALL CD's will be done before Dec 1 unless we've made other arrangements.

I did want to post a quick couple before I head to bed.....

Staci=nice. Did I say nice? I mean SUPER nice. She even let me take her to this spot with no asking where we were going. She said "go and do what you want!!!" Sweeeeeet! We had too much fun :)

I can't tell you how much I love love love this one!!!!! Can you guess how old she is? I think Dad will hate this shot for the obvious reasons!
I don't do very many boys but he's made me want to do senior boys!! What a stud!

I did a big extended family for some old neighbors. They have been so generous this year with their property and letting us use it. I had to put Karen and Ray on here because A) If you know them you LOVE them and B)I've told Jake many many times...I wish we could age like these guys.....They have three daughters my age! Isn't Karen a knock out? This picture came straight out of my camera (can you believe that???) to show you how incredible they look...

I wanted to point out this picture. Isn't her vest darling? Textures are really important in photos
if you want them to be a bit more interesting. It just adds to the picture and kind of brings it more alive if that makes any sense.

When in the world did this 'little' girl turn into a teenager? Abby....you are beautiful!!!!

Wish I could've had more time to do each grandkid from this session but I don't. I WILL eventually put all of them on here but like I said I gotzda get movin'!!!!!

Christmas Cards

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can you believe the Holidays are here? Neither can I!!!! I am a little overwhelmed right now trying to get everyone's sessions done. Don't fret...I'm movin' and groovin' as fast as I can :) I wanted to post some Christmas Card templates that we bought so that those that want can start ordering. If you are interested please email us.

These are 11 sets of Front/Back 5x7 Flat Cards.

My good friend Jen designs cards (click on her button to the right) and designed some really cute cards too. Here they are! Jen's family is the second card down..aren't they cute?
She has a blog for her cards so if you ever need baptism, announcements/engagements etc..


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This beautiful little girl was so fun to shoot! What a gorgeous baby....takes after her Mom. Thanks for letting me play Alisha!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Meet *Superstar*...aka Angie. She doesn't know but that's what I've been calling her for years. I used to sit at my kitchen table in my old house and watch the town go by...one of my favorite past time things to do. Once in while I would see someone fly...yes fly by my house in her running shoes. That would be Ang. Yep, she's super fast. I bet she could kick my butt in those cute red high heels any day.

Ang, here are some from downtown. Enjoy.

The A Gang

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finally...I'm posting my friend Becky and her family. I won't embarass her with ALL the things I admire (ahem...like incredible voice) about her but I will say that she and her husband are some of the best parents out there! I had fun and believe it or not I think the kids had fun too...they were all laughing and having fun together, it was great.
Bec...you know I love ya girl..... enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

One more thing...check out the picture with the bus a few down. Little Owen is looking straight at the camera and smiling. How cute is HE?


Monday, November 2, 2009

This is Alexx and her fam. They have a little girl Sylvie that has some of the bluest eyes I've ever seen. Being with the and seeing them dote over their baby girl reminded my of when we had our first child. The world revolves around that first one and the one on one time we spent with her was the best. You only get that once.
I also have to comment on how much I loved Alexx's shirt. The colors/patterns looked awesome on her.....should have asked where she got it from :)