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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finally...I'm posting my friend Becky and her family. I won't embarass her with ALL the things I admire ( incredible voice) about her but I will say that she and her husband are some of the best parents out there! I had fun and believe it or not I think the kids had fun too...they were all laughing and having fun together, it was great. know I love ya girl..... enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

One more thing...check out the picture with the bus a few down. Little Owen is looking straight at the camera and smiling. How cute is HE?


Steph said...

This family looks like they have so much fun together..I want to join them! Love all of these pictures. Great work Ang.

Allen, Alexx and Sylvie said...

Cutest kids ever!!

meegz said...

I like how you put them in collages. They are great. I think my fav is the second from the bottom. Great work once again!!

Care said...

Beautiful family - you guys should have more kids - you are so good at it!

I am dying over Abby being so old! When did that happen?! What a lovely YL you are!

Cute, cute fam - even if Brandon isn't as nice as he use to be!

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