Monday, November 2, 2009

This is Alexx and her fam. They have a little girl Sylvie that has some of the bluest eyes I've ever seen. Being with the and seeing them dote over their baby girl reminded my of when we had our first child. The world revolves around that first one and the one on one time we spent with her was the best. You only get that once.
I also have to comment on how much I loved Alexx's shirt. The colors/patterns looked awesome on her.....should have asked where she got it from :)


Kem said...

I must say I also love her shirt! Great job Angie, I love the location and all the fallness to it. I know that fallness is most likely not a word at all, but I love these pixs so much I made it up just for them.

Becky A said...

so cute! Little Sylvie is a doll!

Steph said...

I love how beautiful and natural this family looks! You captured them playing...and I love that. I also really like her shirt. They look fresh and fun. My fav is Dad holding her right up to his face....that picture speaks volumes. Beautiful! I also really,really like Alexx's hair. Need to find out where she gets it done :)!

Three and Counting said...

Darling darling darling Ang!

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