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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here's a couple more for you Mel. Really loved doing this photoshoot and if I can give props to Jed....he was awesome! Such a great dad and such a good sport! Really such a cute family. Mel, you've heard this a million times but for others out there her youngest is Zac's twin which is probably why I am so obssesed with him and their second child, well I think he looks like he could be Mo's bro. Okay enough from me here are some Pix!





Mel said...

Thanks Angie! I think I can be a little more patient now that I've seen these. :) I really usually DREAD taking family pictures but our time with you was fun and not stressful at all. AND after seeing the pictures, I realize what a cute husband I have. ;)

Tonic said...

Great pictures, I love the train and how you miraculously got them all to look at you!

Steph said...

That little baby does look like cute. Great pics, what a beautiful family. I love the one with Mom and baby! When are you going to do my family pics? Can't wait.

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