Beautiful Jaycee

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This beautiful girl was so fun. Jaycee just turned 8 and got baptized. I loved doing these pictures,it was so great to watch Jaycee,who is normally a very high energy playful kid,get a little shy, and may I say very lady like in front of the camera. She is such a good kid Jen...and I know you are proud of her!





angie b said...

Great pix Steph! I love that last captured her and the orchard beautifully! What a cute lil' Gal!!!!

Kem said...

Love them Steph great job. Jaycee is so cute in these also love the last one. Love the trees and the dandilions

Shawn * Bonnie said...

Steph those look great!!!

Kym said...

Steph I love that last one! It is beautiful. Im just one of Ang's friends leaving a comment to someone I dont know but I really love that last photo. Good job!

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