Bloggin' Blah's

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'll admit it, I've been having the bloggin' blah's....thought I would post a picture that makes me happy. What is it about blogging? I LOVE it don't get me wrong but at the same time, it's so so easy to get behind. More to come from shoots the past couple of weeks!

Picture this.....

*impromptu quick shoot

*Miss Mo posing herself...she's had her pictures taken a LITTLE too much :)

*her cute new shoes that she paid for by herself which she couldn't be more proud of

*her skirt that as of 9am this morning was going to the DI/garage sale pile...not so sure about that anymore...I think she won the battle on that one

*one other kid screaming as Miss Mo just keeps showing me her "new" poses

*me in sweats really really hungry and dreaming of my Cafe Zupa's Shanghai salad


Kem said...

I heart the color, I heart the location, I heart cute Miss Mo and her bue shoes, I heart that skirt and I heart zupas (alittle to much for my pocket book)

meegz said...

Um, DI that skirt right on over here...:) Cute stuff!

Three and Counting said...

I know. I am really disliking blogging these days. SO much easier and faster to facebook.....Love this Picture.

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

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