{Karli and Fam}

Friday, June 26, 2009

Meet Karli and her sweet little family. One of the fun things about doing this is meeting new people. Thanks for coming all the way out here!!

This is cute lil' Kaiya, isn't she darling? She was a bit shy but I think the camera loved her beautiful eyes...I know I did! Karli here are a few for you :)


ckkg said...

angie, you are a miracle worker! i thought there was NO way we would have any good shots, but i LOVE these! after such a disasterous night with the kids, i'm soooo glad to see these turned out! seriously, you deserve HUGE kuddos for somehow getting such good shots out of our family! thank you, thank you!! you were so wonderfully patient!

Steph said...

What a beautiful family. I love these shots! That little girl and that location were perfect for each other.

Kem said...

Great Job Angie. Love the pix of the lil girl love the location and how the light is just softly highlighting her cute face

Stacy and Mike said...

Love that lil' girl. I am having issues posting comments because of the weird words you have to type, it shows those but not the place where you type them. Let's see if this works. It will be my 10th try on this blog! I love the other post of the couple kissing and the kids watching... to die for!!

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