Benefit Concert and Silent Auction Tonight

Thursday, September 24, 2009

For all of you that live near here tonight there will be a Benefit Concert and silent Auction for Suzi Baxter and her family. PLEASE either go tonight (Northridge High School at 7pm) or help donate! For more of her story go to

You can also start bidding on the blog for online items right now until I believe 5pm. This is for a dear family and Suzi will not onlybe leaving behind her Husband and 5 year old daughter but legacy of Beauty, Faith, and Strength.

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Kem said...

Angie thanks so much for posting this. I also posted it on my blog, do you know if they have away to donate. Thanks agian she had inspired me to not waste a minute feeling sorry for myself because all in all I am one lucky person.

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