Lexie Lou Lamay

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This weekend I got to fly out to California to take pictures of my beautiful niece. I had such a good time...not only are both of my niece's gorgeous and fun, but it is so great to see my baby sister, and what kind of a Mom she has turned out to be! She and David are wonderful parents and their girls are so lucky! I am lucky too...thanks Mom for the great opportunity. Loves to you all.......Steph


angie b said...

I would fly to CA to take pictures of this babe too!
You rock my NEWBORN world Steph!
Sarah.....Lexie is darling!!!!

Kem said...

Oh man is she cute. You did an awesome job Steph.

Mike and Diane said...

so so cute! The last one shows her looking very much like a Shaw! love it! Congrats, Sarah!

shinesarahsun said...

I am amazed by you Steph!!! Thank you for coming out. My girls are really lucky to have their aunt Steph!! These pictures are yet again amazing!

Stacy and Mike said...

Lexie is just too cute. I love those pictures. Very impressive.

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