Lil' Miss Isabelle

Friday, March 19, 2010

I am working on two sessions right now but thought I would post this in the meantime. This was again from my mentoring session. Did I mention how cute this little girl was? Yep, I thought so!

I was going to do this last month but got too busy so I wanted to tell you about these Cute cute headbands that my friend's SIL (oh heck, my friend too now) Sarah makes. I hope to get more on here soon as our family has been loving them and enjoys a plethora of colors.

You can wear it hippie style or you can wear in in your hair like a headband. It ties in the back with one side longer than the other to make it easier (clever thinking Sarah!)

There are double flowers or smaller flowers with any color you can think of. Our favorite is the gold, cream, aqua, and burnt orange.

Right now she doesn't have a website but her email is
So go support her~ I love helping out people that are starting their own business. Did I mention she cranks these babies out fast too? I will try and post more when I get caught up!


Sarah said...


I just love you! Thank you for letting people know where they can get my headbands! I had someone write me an email yesterday and said that she heard about me from Whimsy Pix! I didn't know that was the name of your studio. Thanks for doing some advertising for me!


Vanessa said...

SO love these headbands!!! And of course love the pic of my Miss Iza :) LOVE LOVE

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