Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is my good friend Diane's little girl. I could not decide which pictures to post! She is so beautiful and I just can not get enough of those eyes and lips! Wow....I mean Taylor Swift move comes Renae!

Really Di, she is gorgeous, It was so much fun taking these. When I send your disk you will not be able to choose.

Also.....please move back to Utah!.....please!






meegz said...

Steph, those are darling!!! and yes, she is beautiful!!

angie b said...

Steph...these are Beautiful!!! She has the most beautiful eyes and you captured them perfectly!

Di....I had fun hanging out with you while Steph did Ranae's shoot. I agree with Steph....MOVE back!

Diane said...

Steph! They are beautiful! I'm not bias at all, of course! I love what you did. I can't wait to see the rest. When did our girls get so big. She looks like a teenager. I'm really not ready! Thanks so much for taking them. Love you and miss being with you guys.

angie b said...

Di...I think she looks so much like you in that first picture!

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